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Rod Tuvaev - export in USA Rodion Tuvaev

Rod Tuvaev - founder of ECG

An expert practitioner on the customs legislation of the Russian Federation, EU, USA and Canada.

19 years of experience in export control, trade compliance, international trade, customs operations.

Head of the practice of sanctions law of the international law firm Alliance Legal CG. Special Advisor on Export Controls, Sanctions and International Trade Rules.

He held senior positions in the field of foreign trade activities in German-Russian and Italian-Russian enterprises. He led a logistics company in Germany (Dusseldorf) and a customs broker company in the Russian Federation (Moscow).

Since 2015, he has been doing business and lives in the USA, Los Angeles.

He founded ECG and personally advises the key customers of the company - US exporters, in the field of export procedures, administration policies, licensing, regulatory compliance, sanctions (including financial transactions).

Member of the Professional Association of Exporters and Importers (PAEI), Los Angeles, California. Certified Expert at the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS).

our export services
Of goods
Expert opinion
14 дней
5000 $ for one type of product
  • You will know all the requirements for your product.
  • Licenses, prices, terms.
  • Certificates, prices, terms.
  • Permits, prices, terms.
  • Marking, prices, terms.
  • Таможенные пошлины.
  • Other pitfalls.
  • Complete understanding of product requirements.
Calculation of a market entry plan
1 month
7500 $ for one type of product
  • Все услуги экспертного заключения
  • Formation of a price list taking into account the market. Recommendations
  • Business plan including cost:
  • Покупка товаров аналогов для изучения их качеств.
  • 2 logistics options from loading to unloading (Water / Air).
  • Discovery LLC, p / c. Taxes.
  • Все таможенные расходы
  • The contents of the warehouse and staff (3 var.)
  • You will understand whether the current business model in the USA and the nuances of its implementation will be profitable.
регуляторных требований
5000 $ за услугу
  • Общение со всеми регуляторными ведомствами.
  • Получение сертификатов.
  • Получение лицензий.
  • Получение разрешений.
  • в т.ч. для субпоставщиков.
  • Registration of patents.
Doing Sales in America
by agreement
от 8000 $ per month
  • Transaction support.
  • Reception and verification of cargo.
  • Presence at shipment to customer.
  • Participation in exhibitions.
  • Participation in public procurement.
  • Search / negotiation with distributors.
  • Organization of the sales department.
  • Start of sales, start of return on investment.
  • Organization of the warehouse.
Начните сотрудничество с нами с консультации
60 min
200 $
  • Online
  • We will answer all questions asked and not asked about your niche.
  • You will have a complete picture of the whole process.
Our other services
30 min
0 $
  • Online
  • Acquaintance. We will discuss how we can help you.
  • You decide whether you are ready to start working with us.
60 min
200 $
  • Online
  • We will answer all questions asked and not asked about your niche.
  • You will have a complete picture of the whole process.
Instruction manual
"10 errors in export"
0 $
  • for invaluable experience.
  • Learn critical errors on the export path.
ECG team
Rod Tuvaev - export in USA Rodion Tuvaev
Rod tuvaev

Founder, Export Control, Sanction & International Trade Compliance Expert.

usa customs broker
Pavel mazurin

Co-Founder. Marketing Director of Russian office.

production in china
Nikolay Tarin

of Chinese office.

delivery to usa and warehouse
Anton Tombu

International logistic. Warehousing.

compliance usa customs
Anatoli Raidenkov

Global trade compliance. Customs.

Sergey Krasakovich

Strategy for export. Mentor at startups

Alexander Karpuhin

IT Software. Data Compliance. Cybersecurity.

Maxim maximov

Global E-Commerce. Innovations.

Ekaterina Ragnarsson

International Affairs.

Roman prigozhin

IT Software Development at Zipwhip. Management. Design

US Product Export with Rodion Tuvaev Rod Tuver
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